Free Lego In Sunday's Daily Mail Or Mail On Sunday From Martin's Or McColls

LEGO ToysStarting on Monday November 3rd, there's free LEGO with the Daily Mail and the Mail On Sunday sold at Martin's or McColls. As compared to the WHSmith LEGO giveaway, you actually get your LEGO with the paper, so there's no sending off and waiting for something that often never even shows up.

Instead you'll be able to take your LEGO away with you. A friend was in Somerset this week and a local paper were doing the same. He wasn't interested in the paper, but in the five LEGO sets, so he bought five copies, gave it back to the vendor and left with the toys - a good way to get around the 'I'm embarrassed to walk out with the Daily Mail' issue a lot of people mention when these deals come out!

From November 3rd to 16th - or until they run out - stores will have an assortment of LEGO including LEGO movie, hobbit, Friends, Chima, Marvel and so on.

Sales are limited to five copies per person, though I'm not sure how they plan on policing that.

Make sure you get to your nearest Martin's or McColls to grab your free (with purchase) LEGO.

Thanks to Gaz987654321 at HUKD

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