Trucks & Tractors Storytime Toddler Bed: £87.60 @ Amazon

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EDIT: Price now down to £87.60 with code!

Yesterday we showed you an amazing dollhouse bed*, and today it's a great Trucks and Tractors Bed. This is down from £150 to £99.26, but with the code HOMEGDN5 you can get it for £94.26 with free delivery.

You can get basic toddler beds cheaper than this, and we write about them all the time, but this is a really good price for what you are getting.

It's not just a toddler bed decorated with fab pictures of trucks and tractors with protective bed guards - it also has a detachable bedside table with a story book cubby hole and a a drinks holder - that's the 'storytime' bit.  It also has two under bed storage drawers for toys, clothes, spare bedding, or whatever else you want to keep tucked away neatly.

If you like the Worlds Apart Trucks and Tractors range then there are other matching items of furniture like the Sling Bookcase, Toy Box, and Storage Unit. All the rest of these are also in the Save £5 When You Spend £50 offer that the voucher code HOMEGDN5 covers, but the voucher is a one use per customer offer.

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