Mason Jam Jar Glass Drinks Bottle Case Of 24 £12 @ Home Bargains

Mason Jam Jar Glass Drinks Bottle Case Of 24 £12 @ Home Bargains

Are you planning a Summer party this year, maybe it's a christening, a wedding, baby shower or a family BBQ, then you need to take a look at these fab drinking glasses!

You can pick up a box of 24 Mason Jam Jar style drinking glasses for just £24 from Home Bargains!

The jam jars are a mason style, clear glass, super stylish for drinking your ice cold drinks from at a Summer get together! Each design varies in colour so you will have an array of pastel coloured lids to choose from.

Each glass comes with a screw on lid in a gingham print and a straw to poke through, ensuring no nasties can fly into your drink whilst outside. The straw is plastic so can be used by little ones safely.

Each jar works out at just 50p which is much cheaper than if you were to buy them separately.

You can Click and Collect your drinking glasses for FREE from your local Home Bargains store. Home delivery isn't available but you can take a look in your local store if they sell out online.


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  • Pearl H.

    could we use for something at the fete?? Filled with sweets etc???

    • Bianca H.

      That's ace altho we only need.2.hahaha

      • Hannah T.

        wedding,.... s'mores jars, sweet jars, candle jars, decorations

        • Rebecca R.

          ....for the summer solstice festival?!?! :beers::sunny:

          • Kelly W.

            Just so happens I have 6 of these in my cupboard! Varying colours but same thing :thumbsup: Need to investigate awesome cocktails to fill them with! :tropical_drink:xx

          • Katriana M.

            If we seen them before Easter we could have filled them with mini eggs and gave them as a wee gift

            • Lisa O.

              That would have been adorable! You could decorate them with glass pens, or give them to them at the end of the year filled with juice at there summer party