Llama Duster £5.99 @ Roys Of Wroxham

Llama Duster £5.99 @ Roys Of Wroxham

Want to put some fun into Cleaning? Get this Llama Duster and you'll be laughing for sure. Roys of Wroxham are selling this pink fluffy monstrosity for just £5.99. I am tempted to buy it just to see my Husband's horror when he opens the Cleaning Cupboard.

The Llama Duster looks utterly ridiculous, but that's what it's all about... FUN! Dusting is rubbish, so make it a happy occasion with this furry beast.

Better still put your Hubby on Dusting duty and hand him the "Llama".

I bet you could even rope the kids into helping with the cleaning with this.

It's bright pink, so you'll never lose it.


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  • Veronica J.

    Oh my god I need this !!!!!!

    • Laura C.

      Ha ha I was going to get one x

      • Jennifer M.

        I actually really want this!! x

        • Chloe C.

          Wow!! I need one of those in my life!!!

          • Kiana D.

            I don’t need it, but I do

            • Lola J.

              Oh my god I love this!! Xx

              • Sarah L.

                Haha i can imagine the cats being fond of this :see_no_evil: