GLITCH! Misprices On Selected M&S Sofas @ Marks And Spencer (Expired)

Misprices On Selected M&S Sofas

Forget forking out over £1000 for Sofas. There's a MASSIVE GLITCH at Marks and Spencer right now! Get over there now and snap up these Sofas that are MISPRICED!

Delivery is FREE of charge!

As with any Glitch or Misprice, there's no guarantee that the retailer will honour it, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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  • Bekey C.

    If there’s a glitch the company won’t honour your order. It will just be cancelled so there’s no point in you trying.

  • Geni D.

    I was going for the Camborne Corner Sofa - found it and ordered :see_no_evil::joy: x

  • Stephanie K.

    It’s gone of the website now :flushed:

  • Julie W.

    Bet they’ve got onto it and changed it!

  • Joanne W.

    Doesnt allow you to add to the basket

  • Mandy R.

    Found it but it says it can no longer be ordered

  • Louise R.

    Choose by name - Parros Chenille by fabric name and colour Soft Teal for corner sofa at £199

  • Sarah R.

    The leather one is still there, in one colour at 199 it’s a 4 seater

  • Melissa G.

    So now I’ve got a MASSIVE blush (?!) colour corner sofa coming and no where to put it because I can’t resist a bargain :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Gra C.

    Offsale now whilst they fix it.

  • Emma D.

    That’s not true at all! I’ve had loads of glitches honoured, ikea, Yankee candle ect ect

  • Emma D.

    I think they’ve caught on now

  • Kerry K.

    Leather in teak is still £199

  • Caron P.

    Leather in teak is £199 still

  • Kate D.

    Just purchased leather in teak. Fingers crossed. Thanks.x

  • Karen-Jane H.

    Me too! Bought two, that’s the living room done (hopefully!?!) x

  • Michelle B.

    They won’t honour it, they are covered under seller protection

  • Caroline P.

    Snap only I’ve ordered two sofas, which I think now after looking at the sizes won’t fit!!

  • Caroline P.

    I ordered two in arctic leather at 199.00

  • Rebecca L.

    No longer available - pity worth a try!

  • Hattie W.

    I've ordered one for £199 and had the order confirmation and delivery information... Not holding my breath though!

  • Melissa G.

    I’m secretly relieved they’ve cancelled my order :joy::joy:

  • Claire B.

    Emails have come out from Marks and Spencer’s cancelling all orders due to technical faults. Worth a try though :cry:

  • Kate H.

    Ordered 2 sofas this morning..... just had a email to confirm my order won’t be full filled !! Gutted x

  • Karen-Jane H.

    Oh dear. No email as yet, but suspect I will be the same. :unamused:

  • Denise B.

    Order been cancelled by M&S now :persevere:

  • Deborah W.

    Can’t see them sending out the goods, we ordered a TV with curry’s a few years ago and they wouldn’t send due to a “glitch” didn’t matter how many emails etc we sent! x

  • Kate D.

    Order cancelled due to technical issue :cry:

  • Karen-Jane H.

    Just logged into M&S account to see order cancelled. But no email notification as yet....?

  • Kirsty A.

    I think we should I think it's terrible they just cancel it they should have to honour it

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