Enjoy The Garden With The Coolest Fire Pits And Chimineas In The UK

Stay cosy!
Enjoy The Garden With The Coolest Fire Pits And Chimineas In The UK

With many of us spending more and more time in our gardens, it's wise to create a nice space to enjoy. Garden furniture is great, but a fire pit or chiminea just finishes the scene. Find out everything you need to know about fire pits and chimineas right here...

Fire Pit

Fire Pits are metal based fuel burners that create glow and warmth in your garden. They are open and can be sat around like a campfire. Some of them come with guards to ensure safety - these are especially good for those of you with pets or kids.

Others come with a grill fitting, and these allow you to have barbecue food on.

Best Fire Pit Deals

Want a fire pit, but don't want to pay full whack for one? We have found some scorchio fire pit deals:

Fire Pit Cover UK

Keep your fire pit protected against rain with a fire pit cover. It means you can leave your fire pit out, ready to use, and it won't rust.

Fire Pit Table

When a regular fire pit just doesn't cut it, then you may want to splash out on a fire pit table. They usually come as part of a garden furniture range.

Fire Pit Argos

Argos have a small range of fire pits starting from just £25 in price, up to £250. If you fancy something less industrial looking, then why not opt for this La Hacienda Slate Effect Large Firepit*. It's priced at a reasonable £85, and has an unusual stone effect look to it.

Wanting to spend as little as possible on one? You won't go wrong with this La Hacienda Square Steel Firepit* for just £25.

Unusual Fire Pits UK

Landmann Ball Of Fire Fire Pit In The Snow With Chalet Behind It

When you want to impress visitors on those Summer nights, shun the regular and get yourself an unusual fire pit like this Landmann Ball of Fire Fire Pit* £149.99 from Amazon or the La Hacienda Desert Fire Globe* £499 from Homebase.

Fire Pit Homebase

Homebase have an impressive range of fire pits to choose from, including stone look ones, as well as gas fuelled ones.

If you are after a gas fueled fire pit, then this La Hacienda Leopold Gas Fire Pit* is one of the more reasonably priced ones, coming in at £270.

Fire Pit BBQ

As well as creating an atmospheric glow and heat, you can use your fire pit as a barbecue. All you need to do is get a grill top* to fit it, some charcoal, food and you're good to go.

Fire Pit B&Q

B&Q sell fire pits made by Blooma. Whilst they don't offer a large selection, you can't argue with the prices, ranging from just £23 through to £76.

This Blooma Anabar Steel Firepit* is great value for money priced at just £23. It has a nice cut out leaf effect too on the side, which makes it a bit fancier than other in it's price range.

Fire Pit Cooking

Did you know that you can use your fire pit for cooking? Melt marshmallows with the kids or stick a grill on top to have a full-on barbecue.

Why not make Smores?

  • Cut out squares of tin foil to wrap your Smores in.
  • Put a Digestive biscuit on the piece of foil, top with a square of chocolate and a marshmallow, then put another biscuit as the lid.
  • Heat over your fire pit for around two minutes.
  • Voila! Smushy, sweet Smores!

Fire Pit with Grill

Meats and vegetables barbecuing in a fire bowl in the garden

Buying a fire pit with grill is a brilliant way to save money. You are essentially getting two pieces of garden furniture for the price of one. Keep cosy on cool Summer nights when using it as a fire pit, as well as sticking on a grill to make it into a barbecue.

This RayGar 3 in 1 Round Garden Firepit* can also be used as a fire pit, ice pit for drinks, or barbecue. Just £69.99 delivered from Amazon.

Best Chiminea Deals

Looking to get a good deal on a chiminea? Check these out...

Cast Iron Chiminea

Looking for a chiminea that will survive the elements? Cast iron chimineas tend to last longer and are more durable than clay ones. The cost difference isn't huge, so if you do need something a little tougher, then it's worth the extra £'s.

This Blooma Diogo cast iron & steel chiminea* from B&Q, is one of the best examples out there. It's only £41, and even comes with a poker.

Clay Chiminea

If you want a chiminea that's a little more rustic looking, and purse-friendly, then a clay one is your best option. After time they can become weakened by rain, so it's best to keep them stored in your shed (when cooled down fully, of course!).

You tend to find this type of chiminea in budget stores like B&M and Home Bargains.

This Floral Swirl clay chiminea* is £44.99 delivered from Amazon, and would really be a feature piece in any garden.


Can I cook on my fire pit?

YES! Cooking can be fun on the fire pit, but it is best to have a grill that fits properly, so that your food isn't sitting directly on the flames, otherwise you'll be left with a charred mess.

What can I burn in a chiminea?

It's best to start a small fire with kindling, for around an hour. After that, you can light a larger fire using logs and wood.

Always be aware that whatever you burn will give off smoke and fumes, so it's best to stick to logs and wood.

Amazon sell a Winter Fire Pit Chiminea Starter Pack* for £16.49 and it contains heat logs, kindling, eco firelighters and a woven sac.

How do you clean a fire pit?

It's not difficult to clean a fire pit. In fact, it can be done in three easy steps:

1. Remove all ash and burnt debris from the fire pit bowl.

2. Scrub the interior with a solution of 1-part hydrochloric acid to 9-parts water (wearing gloves) with a wire brush.

3. Once clean, rinse with water and allow to dry completely.

*** ALWAYS ensure you read the safety instructions when using chemicals like hydrochloric acid.

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