Colour Match Storage / Laundry Basket £2.99 (was £4.99) @ Argos

Colour Match Storage / Laundry Basket £2.99 (was £4.99) @ Argos

If you're looking for storage for all those extra toys that appeared under the Christmas Tree and in stockings then these could prove very handy indeed. Argos have Colour-Match Pop-Up Baskets that can be used for storage, and although they are usually £4.99, two of the colours have been reduced to just £2.99 each.

The blue Lagoon*and the Purple Fizz* are down to £2.99, while the white is still full price at £4.99.

Although these are being sold as laundry baskets they are just as good for storing toys, and their pop-up design means that they can be folded up and put away when you aren't using them.

We have several of these in different colours and they are really great for storing soft toys and teddies, as you can see exactly what is inside when you need to find something. I wouldn't put anything too heavy in them as they are not designed for really heavy tough toys, but lighter items can be stored with no problem.

Thanks to bb8


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  • Samantha H.

    think we need these for the kids!

    • Lee H.

      Yeah i think so too

    • Noreen B.

      for all the teddies :thinking:

      • Rebekah W.

        we use these for cuddly toys! X

        • Vicky K.

          for the girl's room maybe? X

          • Candice W.

            The girls would probably empty it out and climb in it themselves haha xx

            • Vicky K.

              Lol Tis true!!! X

            • Andrea G.

              Rip very easy! Lightweight toys only