Baseball Sneaker LED Light - £9.60 @ Tesco Direct

Baseball Sneaker LED Light - £9.60 @ Tesco Direct

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I love this and it's the first time I've seen it for less than £10! The Baseball Sneaker Light is part of Tesco's current promotion on Kids Furniture and Accessories, and it's got 20% off it's original price of £12, now down to £9.60.

The Sneaker Light can be powered by batteries or a mains adaptor, and has 2 settings so that you can have it as a plain white light or have it changing colours.

I don't have teenage kids but I'm guessing that they might like one of these, and if not I want one myself anyway! It's certainly different, and a bit quirky. From the reviews on various websites it looks like a good gift for that awkward to buy for tween age group, and seems popular with both boys and girls.

Be aware that there is no power adaptor lead with this, so if you do want to use the mains rather than batteries then you will need to buy one separately.

Home delivery is £3, or you can Click and Collect for free.

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