Halloween Gifts From Poundland

8 October 2010

Halloween with Poundland

Picture the scene - a dark office with smoking cauldrons, witchy noses with warts on, spider webs in the corner and us lot eating more of Lynley's pumpkin pie.

Oh yes, we're still very much into Halloween here at PlayPennies and so we would actually get some work done, instead of reinacting the witches scene from Macbeth, we shipped off lots of Halloween gifts from Poundland to Kim.

pumpkinIt all kicked off rather well and we  knew we were in for a very indepth review,

"I was overwhelmed by the variety of Halloween goodies sent to me by Poundland. They sent me 13 items in total and they were all great quality and perfect to be used at a Haunted Halloween gathering."

I'll try to get through as many as I can without this review turning into a Halloween version of the Argos catalogue! Here's what was sent to Kim:

1-Scary faced devil loot bucket with handle.

2- Grim Reaper Hoodie

3- Pair of flashing LED pumpkin hook-on earrings.

4- Spooky tights

5- Pack of 2 scary masks

6- Spider Bride Outfit

7- Pumpkin Outfit

8-Pack of 2 Pumpkin Lanterns

9- Large Hanging Spider

10- Fluorescent lime green spider web and 12 mini spiders

11- Hanging Spooky Plague

12- Scary Bopper Aliceband

13- Purple false eyelashes and fake nails (with glue)
Now that is one huge Halloween haul and would cost just £13 to buy - it's not called Poundland for fun you know!

Kim was very impressed with the loot bucket, "This is a felt covered bucket about the size of a medium plastic flowerpot (I do believe that's exactly what it is  .bucket...but that is fine by me as Poundland have done all the hard work of decorating a loot bucket for me!)

It's made of a orangey/red coloured felt, has a devils face on it and a padded felt nose and felt horns and ears."

Kim felt that the size was perfect too. Not too big, not too small and if the Halloween treats are a bit thin on the ground then kids will still feel that they've collected a reasonable stash of sweeties.

All of the decorative things that will convert a room into a coven were very well received; the spider items went down particularly well, "The large hanging spider is my mum's favourite item as she thinks it is really cheap at a pound because of the size of it.

The spider is about 50cm width from the end of one leg to the end of another. It has poseable legs and comes on clear hanging thread so you can tie it up to hang down and scare everyone."

stuffAnd Kim's favourite item?

"The flourescent green spider's web with spiders was my favourite of all the Poundland Halloween gifts.  It's a fluorescent web that you stretch out to decorate a room and it comes with 12 small plastic spiders to place on it.

This is very eerie and will really make a room look spooky for a Halloween party!"

spiderBrideKim felt that all of the Halloween costumes she was sent were true to the ages for which they were intended, although she did say this about the Grim Reaper Hoodie,

"It is a bit big but I think it is probably supposed to be so you can wear it over a coat for when you are out trick or treating in the cold.

It is made of a black 100% polyester material, is great quality and I think  something you can put away for years to come."

Kim told us that pumpkin earrings were great and a lot of fun, "These are comfortable to wear and light-weight. They are cheap and cheerful and just what you want to brighten up your Halloween outfit."

masksKim's mum works in the local primary school; Kim decided to give them all the Poundland Halloween gifts for their school party.

One of the things Kim's mum was very pleased about what the fact that the masks and the devil face on the loot bucket weren't TOO scary; more friendly-scary in fact, which she felt was perfectly pitched so as not to give little kids nightmares.

And finally...

The last words from Kim, "I feel that Poundland are making it nice and easy for parents to be able to afford to throw their children a spooky party for Halloween and I thank them for that. Their products are all superb quality and they have such a wide variety of things to choose from no-one will come out empty handed.

It is a shame you only get to use these items for one day but because of the excellent quality of the items you can store them away to use them again next year."

moreStuffI think that's pretty conclusive don't you!?

If you're going to throw a Halloween party and you need party bits and pieces, along with Halloween costumes, but don't want to break the bank then Poundland is THE place to go; don't forget, every item only costs ONE pound!

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  • Emma K.
    Thanks for this. Going to head to my local and see if there are any baby Halloween outfits :)
  • Emma K.
    Sadly, I couldn't find any baby outfits in my local, they were all for older toddlers.
  • martin
    hi Emma kelly how old are you

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