Harry Potter Baby & Toddler Clothing From £5.99 @ Groupon

Harry Potter Baby Clothing From £5.99

Oh my days, I have never wanted something more! Harry Potter baby and toddler clothing at bargain prices, I am stocking up as we speak!

If you're a fan of all things Harry Potter then you are going to love this fab selection over at Groupon, prices start from as little as £5.99!

Sizes start from newborn and goes up to 2-3 years, there's plenty of items to choose from:

  • Snuggle This Muggle Baby Vest £5.99
  • Hogwarts Badge Hoodie £6.99
  • Gryffindorable Baby Vest £5.99
  • Harry Potter Tie Baby Vest £5.99
  • Future Hogwarts Student Baby Vest £5.99
  • I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good T-Shirt, Trousers, Hat and Mittens Set £9.99
  • Muggle Born T-Shirt, Trousers, Hat and Mittens Set £9.99
  • He Who Must Be Changed T-Shirt, Trousers and Hat Set £8.99

What fantastic gifts they would make for a newborn! I am grabbing a few bits for my 3 month old niece, my sister is a huge Harry Potter fan and would adore these for her! Plus they are 100% cotton so are super soft and comfortable for little ones.

Home delivery is an extra £1.99.

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  • Hannah O.

    can I buy this for bubba ?? :grin:

    • Jess V.

      Haha! I like HP but I'm not a fan. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Lisa V.

    Aww :heart_eyes: I have a little HP outfit for buba already! :joy: it's a 'snuggle this muggle' vest with gryffindor hat & leggings!

  • Karen C.

    I immediately thought of you when I saw this :joy:

  • Lisa V.

    They are soo cute! I'd love a whole baby 'uniform' :heart_eyes::joy:

  • Laura L.

    - baba would be Florida ready with these x

  • Pamela A.

    I'm buying alll of these lol x

    • Ruth M.

      He who must be changed :joy: x

  • Samantha C.

    can imagine your littlest two in these :grin:

  • Vanessa B.

    I'd have another just for these.

  • Lisa L.

    I will dress my kid in the little snuggle this muggle vests :joy::joy::joy:

  • Kate W.

    He already has two HP outfits!!! :joy::joy::joy:

    I've been researching family fancy dress for months now... I just need fancy dress party's to attend!!

  • Kathryn G.

    awww gryffindorable is so cute!

  • Abi H.

    :heart::heart::heart: Noodle must have them aaaaaaall :joy::joy:

  • Beth R.

    Oh I love these :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Melissa T.

    Gryffindorable!! Amazing!! Xx

  • Jo M.

    Gryffindorable :joy: love it xx

  • Vikki K.

    Def need the 'solemnly swear' tshirt for all our kids!!! X

  • Sarah J.

    Why are the outfits only 0-3 months?!

  • Tilly H.

    I love them all!! :heart_eyes: he's so diddy at the mo I can't wait until he gets a bit bigger to wear some of his gorgeous babygro couture!

  • Gary M.

    Do they not do this in adult size?! :joy::joy:

  • Zoe B.

    Omg these are amazing:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Leann H.

    Cute :heart_eyes: we've already got the snuggle this Muggle one!!!!

  • Rebecca D.

    I do need get Connor sum lol xx

  • Steph S.

    I need them! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jayne M.

    I need these in my life!!

  • Leah H.

    Yes except I need Slytherin colours! :)

  • Kayleigh C.

    Haha gryfindorable lol love it

  • Clare C.

    :heart_eyes: these are soooo good! Defo a must :joy:

  • Maria D.

    Snuggle this Muggle! Love it!

  • Jessica C.

    Iv got two snuggle this muggle vests x

  • Kirsten R.

    Im loving He who must be changed and Gryffindorable :joy::heart_eyes:

  • Claire L.

    :heart_eyes: I'd seen the snuggle this muggle one, now I need them all :joy::heart_eyes:

  • Melanie W.

    These are so cute, cant wait until their wee pjs are in xx

  • Jess S.

    I went to Harry Potter studios last week and drooled over the baby hp stuff :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: gaaaaah

  • Bridget W.

    Haha I love these! 'Snuggle his muggle' is just too cute. Bx

  • Sophie M.

    That's is sooo cute!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Amy C.

    Just bought one lol gryffindorable xxx

  • Victoria G.

    They are fab :clap_tone1::clap_tone1:

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