Charm Bracelet £6 @ LyncMeUp

16 November 2012

If you're on a serious budget this Christmas but need to give someone something that looks a little special, then you should take a quick look-see at these charm bracelets.  There are three styles to choose from and each one costs just £6 - their normal prices range from £22.95 right up to £39.99.

I was given a bracelet, a little similar to the Sweetie Heart charm bracelet, for my birthday - it doesn't feature any charms and has crystals in it that sparkle like diamonds.  It's beautiful and whilst I know it didn't cost the earth, I feel rather special when I wear it.

These charm bracelets will, I'm sure, make their wearers feel the same way.  There's something lovely about wearing a piece of jewellery, given to you as a gift, regardless of its price tag.

Have a look at the three styles of bracelets and see which one you think the someone who deserves that something a little special would like.

You've got until 11.45pm on 22 November to make up your mind - that's when the deal closes - postage will cost an additional £4.95 and will take up to 14 days.

Happy Charm Bracelet choosing!

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