Tea Pigs Promotional Code: 15% Off

Tea Pigs Promotional Code: 15% Off

Is there anything that a really good cup of tea can't make better? One of my favourite stories is of a British Airways plane that had to crash land at Heathrow in the 90s. The pilot told the steward to do something to keep the passengers calm after he told them the bag news. What did she do? Served tea. See what I mean? Tea Pigs tea is more expensive than anything I'd buy at the supermarket, but it tastes so much better. My favourite cafe to visit during the day sells Tea Pig tea, and you can buy it freshly made by the pot too.

Click here for your Tea Pigs promotional code

  • Discount: 15%
  • Promotional code: SPONGETP12
  • Expires: 31st March, 2012

To use the code, go to checkout and enter your details first. Then enter the code in the Promotion Code box. It will be applied automatically to your order, appearing on the totals column.

Standard delivery on the site is £3.95, via Royal Mail, or free if you spend more than £35. Keep in mind that it takes up to two working days to process your order.

It's a lovely website to browse. The couple who run Tea Pigs clearly love their tea. It makes me want to try all sorts of different blends. Interesting facts on there too - did you know what makes blue tea blue, and green tea green? You'll have to visit the website to find out!

Thanks to Klis at HUKD!


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