Tea And Accesorries 15% Off @ Teapigs

Tea And Accesorries 15% Off @ Teapigs

Teapigs have launched their new website, and in celebration of doing so, are offering 15% off a vast array of teas and tea drinking accessories.

Drink your perfect cuppa at Teapigs

  • Discount: 15%
  • Exclusions: Cheeky deals and gift sets
  • Promotional code: newsite11
  • Expires: 31 October 2011

While this confession might offend you, I must admit: I'm not a regular tea drinker. I just don't like the after taste – but I do quite like flavoured tea, and I have been known to indulge in a good cup of herbal tea from time to time. I believe, too, that 'real' tea is so much tastier than the stuff you buy in bags in the supermarket. Perhaps now's a good time to try it.

With the Teapigs offer you can try any of their amplitude of flavours for £1.01. They sell sample packs with two teabags in, costing you about 50p a cup. The full packs are normally £4.49, but with 15% off, it's £3.82 for 15 – working out at 30p a go.

I must say, flavours such as Spiced Winter Red Teaand Lemon and Ginger certainly sound inviting.

While gift sets aren't included, there are some accessories that are – for example the very snazzy Smart tea set, which is perfect for someone who just wants to sip, sip, sip rather than sit down and drink a whole cup of tea. And when reduced from £68.80 to £58.48, it's a nice little bonus too.


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