Back To School Protection For Kids @ Oilatum

2 August 2010

imagesCAP5RDMPI was recently sent some truly fascinating information about how hard it is for parents when their kids suffer from eczema. According to recent research, around 37% of mums feel helpless, frustrated and angry with the problem, and 7% of parents won’t go on a family holiday because they’re worried about what other people will think of their child’s skin.

As a parent you shouldn’t feel ashamed of your child’s eczema, nor should you be left to feel helpless under its onslaught. I know that I was really freaked out when I got it as an adult and my hands got truly disgusting and scaly. It’s very hard to cope with such a physically obvious ailment.

While I haven’t tried Oilatum, there have been quite a few good reports about the range and both parents and kids can share in its brilliance. The Junior range has been specially developed for babies and children with dry skin conditions and comes in a untitled150ml flip top tube, perfect for school satchels and handbags. It costs around £5.49.

Just remember, if your little ones have eczema, avoid soap, wash their skin with a bath oil  and emollient, keep their nails short so they don’t scratch at night and avoid woolly fibres.


  • TheMadHouse
    When Maxi skin was pretty bad we got oilatum on prescription from the GP
  • Emma K.
    Yeah, we got it on prescription too, I use it in the baby's bath - it is very good.

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