Orgran Dinosaur Wholefruit Wildberry Cookies Review

I'm all up for organic food, and anything that's yummy without using sugar. There's been a particular type of biscuit that's long been a favourite in our house. Sweetened with fruit juice, and made with wholemeal flour they are very tasty. So I was quite excited to see something similar from Orgran - Dinosaur Wholefruit Wildberry Cookies (175g, £2.75).

These cookies are also free from gluten, dairy, egg, yeast, nuts, and soya. Also taste free? Out of the box I was disappointed. The shapes aren't that much like dinosaurs. In fact it was hard to make out what they were meant to be (you can see this in the photo). There's quite a chunk of wildberry in the cookies, and this has a strong, intense flavour that's quite chewy as well. This was a hit with me, and my other parent taster as well as half our young testers. My son wouldn't try them at all as he doesn't like chewy stuff in his cookies.

My friend was disappointed they weren't crunchier. The cookie part does have a slightly cardboard consistency. I won't be buying these again, although my friend is going to. If your children like things like fruit roll ups then they'll like these cookies.

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  • craigram
    absolutley scrummy these,i had to stop buying them as i ate a full box almost lol. they also do a dinosaur choc cookie . there is home&bargains for 69p a box at moment
  • LynleyOram
    bargain! Yes 69p is a better price.

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