National Trust Free Weekend

workerAre you stressed today?

If so, you're not alone, according to the National Trust who claim that recent research found that a   whopping 74% of UK workers feel stressed on a daily basis.

A further 70% of respondents said that getting away from it all and escaping from the confines of our cities makes them feel instantly relaxed.

So in response, the National Trust is flinging open its doors with a free weekend this coming weekend (20th-21st March), giving everyone the opportunity to visit the great outdoors in order to de-stress and blow away those cobwebs.

Interestingly, the study also found that our senses are key when it comes to lowering stress levels, with 72%  of those surveyed claiming that seeing the sea was the quickest and most effective form of stress relief for them. 66% said a walk in the countryside was their favourite stress reliever, while 33% would choose to hit the beach and said the sand between their toes was what did it for them in terms of de-stressing. 59% said contact with fresh air is all it takes for them to feel less stressed.

If you're in the last category of fresh air fans then the National Trust has some good news for you! If you're so desk-bound that you can't even escape to the countryside tto inhale lungfuls of lovely fresh air and take part in the National Trust free weekend, well the countryside can come to you!  trust

You can get your hands on a free jar of National Trust fresh air - the perfect antidote for stressed-out office workers.  The fresh air has been captured from rural and coastal locations across the country – including the lake-side scent of Townend on the shores of Lake Windermere in Cumbria, the grass filled blend at Stourhead in Wiltshire and the woodland aroma of Box Hill in leafy Surrey.

The National Trust fresh air has been collected in recycled glass jars and will give office workers a fragrance for the natural outdoors – thought to relieve stress for up to ten minutes with each 454 gram jar containing 0.42 grams of fresh air.

The fresh air giveaway is to promote the free weekend during which  hundreds of special places from castles, windmills and gardens will be opening for free, and countryside and coastal car parks cared for by the National Trust will also be free of charge over the weekend.

If you'd like to get your hands on a free jar of National Trust fresh air jall you have to do is email stating why you need it!

airThe National Trust fresh air has been captured in environmentally-friendly British-made recycled glass jars which can be re-used.

I've spoken to a lucky recipient of one of the limited edition free jars of fresh air and she assures me that it's not just hot air - apparently it really does smell just like the countryside!

Let us know if you get hold of one - we've love to hear your thoughts!


  • Emma K.
    Thanks for the news about the free weekend - I'll definitely take advantage of this! Last weekend, I visited Mount Stewart manor house here in Northern Ireland, a National Trust property which I had never before seen. I think I'll try another this weekend too!
  • Heidi S.
    You're welcome - me too. And I fancy a jar of that fresh air for my desk, too!

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