Kai Rooney Looks Just Like Dad and Suri Cruise Is A Bunny-Girl

Colleen Rooney was photographed with her son Kai at the Grand National on Saturday.coleen

It looks like baby Kai is living up to Colleen's report that he looks just like his Daddy, Wayne Rooney.

The Daily Mail reports: "Baby Kai's outing to the races was the first time he has been photographed since his birth at Liverpool Women's Hospital on November 2. The couple surprised fans when they shunned lucrative magazine deals to debut their son to the world - despite being paid a reported £2.5million for the photographic rights to their 2008 wedding in Italy."

suriMeanwhile Suri Cruise is still exhibiting a flair for fashion, as exhibited in this pic of her wearing bunny ears and fluffy rabbit slippers shows.

The uber-famous celeb tot gets a hard time from the tabloids because of her penchant for wearing high heels and I can't imagine they'll be any more impressed by the sight of her hot-footing it around New York in fluffy bunny slippers.

I'm always inclined to think that normal rules just don't apply to celeb kids - their lives must be pretty far from normal at the best of times so to my mind it makes sense that they're not going to be parented in the same was that we civilians parent our kids.

Admittedly, those slippers look like ankle breakers for schlepping round New York City but who's to say that Katie didn't whip out a pair of proper shoes as soon as they got wherever they were going?

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