How To Get A VIP Slot For The Next Sale

How To Get A Next VIP Sale Slot
29 September 2016

Ever wondered how some people always seem to get the best stuff online from the Next Sale?

You need a VIP Slot but not just any VIP Slot - you want the FIRST VIP slot of Sale. Miss that and you can kiss goodbye to getting any of the good stuff.

How does one get a VIP Slot for the Next Sale?

  1. You must have a Next Account
  2. Make sure your Next credit account with at least £250 credit available at time of VIP selection (around a week before the Sale is due to start)
  3. Place and keep an order from the Next Directory this season. Returns do not count.
  4. Your email address must be up to date and be signed up to receive sale and promotional emails. If it's not amend and update by logging into your Next Account.
  5. Have returned less than two thirds of the items you've ordered that season.

How to get that FIRST VIP Slot

You fit all of the VIP Criteria and you're sure they will invite you to pick a slot.

We always know around the time of a Sale, when VIP Slots will be released. The next 'Next' Sale isn't until Boxing Day now, so it'll be the week leading up to Christmas that those slots are allocated.

As soon as we disclose when a Sale is rumoured to start or VIP slots are being released, you can see if you are eligible for that slot.

DON'T wait for your invite from Next via email or text. By the time you get it, those illusive first slots will be all gone.

Check at 9am, three-four days before the Sale is due to start, by clicking here*, and logging in.

If you get in, you'll be allowed to pick your slot. Pick the earliest slot available.

Not being offered a slot? If we have signalled that VIP slots have been released then chances are you haven't been invited this time. To double check, try logging in every half hour.

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