My Wondercube Soft Toy Review

The My Wondercube is a soft toy with stuffing squares, ideal for little ones who love to unpack and thereby ruin packet after packet of wet wipes. In fact, that’s how it got started – a mum handy with a sewing machine got tired of her little girl pulling wipes out the packet, sat down one nap time, and made the first ever My Wondercube. My Wondercube is a square with a hole in it, in which you can stuff textile squares filled with sensory objects like crunchy paper, rattles, bells, and a squeaker. The textile squares attach to each other with Velcro dots making it easy to pull them all out the square, and then to play with them individually or all together.

The components are all machine washable and there’s a variety of different fillers you can choose from, add to and interchange.

When you buy My Wondercube, you automatically receive the ‘Wonder Family’ filling, which includes five squares with pictures of Max the dad, Min the mum, Mimi the daughter and Munchy the son. There’s also a square with the whole family on.

You can buy an additional set of the Wonder Family for £7.99, so that you can use the duplicates to play snap or matching the pairs up. There are also other options currently available, but apparently they regularly update the options.

At the moment you can buy a 12-piece Goldilocks set, which means you can read the story as you bring it out the square. It also comes with a book of the story (£12.99).

You can use it as a learning tool too, if you want, with the farm animals set which counts from 1 – 10 or you can help your child explore emotions with the 8 piece set which features happy, sad, angry, shocked and so on. There’s lower case letters on coloured organic squares great for teaching spelling or word games, and available as a complete alphabet or individual letters.

They’re available for 99p a square.There are also shape and number options.

For just a bit of fun there are ‘Steggy’ the Stegosaurus, ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus, ‘Terry’ the Pterodactyl, ‘Topsy’ the Tricerotops and last but not least ‘Rex’ the T-Rex, the five piece dinosaur set for £6.99.

I think the whole thing is pretty well thought out, actually, and it’s clearly something that came from a mother’s mind – it’s so practical.

For example the hole that the squares go in is large enough for baby hands, but also for mum hands, so if other things – biscuits, hairclips and other toys, for example, find their way into the cube, they’re easy to get out. I think that’s genius.

Another thing I really like about the My Wondercube is the colours. They are soothing, engaging colours, rather than crazy bold and bright. I know kids toys try to compete with each other for attention, but this one doesn’t use colour to do it. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to overexcite your child’s senses, and I really appreciate that!  The same can be said for the ‘noise’ level. There’s enough that’s exciting and fun and makes sounds without being overwhelming and noisy and, again, overstimulating. It’s great, more so because it doesn’t need volume control.

My Wondercube is, as I said at the start, soft and cuddly and since it’s suitable from birth, it’s an okay bed toy too, (for an older child, not a newborn!) in place of a bear.  And it’s the kind of toy that, when thrown around and kicked about, doesn’t inflict pain. That’s a bonus too.

I must say that while the toy is good for fine motor skills and good for learning letters and numbers and animals and what not, depending on your squares, what appeals to me most is that it addresses children’s love for copying, for doing what mummy’s doing, and for playing with real life like things. It’s a great toy, it squishes down easy so fits in most everywhere, even in a full Trunki, and is a great way to keep a little one happy when you need a distraction.

The Good

There’s a long list of good things, all listed above. In short:

  • The colours are great
  • The idea is fantastic
  • I love the fact that there’s a hole big enough to get your hand into
  • It’s adaptable, and you’re able to add to it as you want to

The Bad

I’ve been staring at this empty line for long minutes now. I can’t think of a single bad thing.

The Verdict

It’s a lovely toy, a great gift and a fantastic something to have on hand for baby entertainment. My toddler even loves it and I sometimes wish we had two. Despite it’s educational claims, it’s a great toy, and the most important people, the kids, love it.

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