Triple Rocker £10 @ Tesco Direct

Triple Rocker £10 @ Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct

This Triple Rocker is £10 at Tesco Direct right now, £5 – a 1/3rd - off from the original £15.

I think these Triple Rockers – a favourite in soft play centres and toddler groups alike – are great. It always bugs me when we go to a park that you have to find someone around your child’s weight and age to play on the see-saw with them. Alternatively, you find yourself counterbalancing the thing, which although a good workout, isn’t much fun.

So, these are great as one child alone can sit in the centre and ride it like a rocking horse, while two children can ride opposite each other and you can sit on the side lines watching. Bonus. And it’s even suitable for three kids at a time!

These are available in yellow, blue and red and you can still claim 20 club card points. On the topic of points, Tesco has a points exchange programme at the moment where £10 will get you £20-worth of toys, so that might be worth looking at too if you have a bunch of points lying around.

Thanks to jasjw @ HUKD


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