Twenty Thank You Cards To Colour In £2.99 @ The Book People

If you've managed to master the art of getting your kids to write thank you cards and letters then PLEASE let me know how you've done it!  I'm seriously tempted to buy these 20 Thank You cards to colour in for my two teenagers who are shocking when it comes to saying 'thank you'.

Since they were old enough to hold a pen I've tried and tried, nagged and nagged, shouted, yelled and just written the thank you letters myself - I kid you not, they are absolutely shocking and I've even gone as far as telling everyone NOT to buy them anything the following year if they don't receive a thank you letter for the current one.

These Thank You cards come with bright yellow envelopes and feature illustrations of birds, butterflies, cats, dogs, a mouse in a space rocket, fish, aliens in a space ship, ice-skating animals, smiley robots and cheeky monkeys - the teenagers will HATE them and perhaps this is the thing I need to shame them into writing their own letters!

The usual price for these Thank You cards is £6.99 but you can have them from The Book People for £2.99 and single item delivery is an additional £1.95.

Best of luck; may the thank you letter writing Force be with you! 

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