Spear and Jackson Cordless Hedge Trimmer Bargain @ Argos

hedgeTrimmer This is a great hedge trimmer deal if ever I found one; Argos are selling this Spear and Jackson cordless hedge trimmer for just £39.99 instead of £89.99.

Seek and ye shall find!

I am in need of a hedge trimmer having tasked my teenage son with tidying up all the hedges around our garden perimeters.

"Be careful," I said.

"Make sure you don't cut through the wire," I said.

"As that would be V E R Y bad!" I said.

What did he do? Yep, he accidentally cut through the wire *sigh*

This had already been done once before (not by him, I hasten to add); I just moved the plug onto the cut end and we've been happily hedge trimming since, albeit with a shorter than usual length of wire from trimmer to plug.

I can't do that this time, it would be ridiculous, so there's nothing for it than to buy a new one,  and to save future agony make sure it's a CORDLESS one!

The blade length of this Spear and Jackson cordless hedge trimmer is 42cms and is recommended for medium density growth - if you need to hack your way through a forest then this might need something a little more industrial.

It has excellent reviews too...

"The cordless trimmer is great to use without worrying about any potential electric shocks or accidents. I am very impressed with the length of battery life as I have just cut over 100 feet of hedge and the battery is still good."

I've reserved mine and am off to collect it later on; I'm rather looking forward to my son finishing off the hedges this afternoon!

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  • Pablo
    They're awful - steer clear...Mine lasted for half a privet befire giving up the ghost!!!

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