Red Target Toilet Training Sticker £1.38 With Free Delivery @ Gearbest

Red Target Toilet Training Sticker £1.38 With Free Delivery @ Gearbest

I wish I had seen this when I was toilet training my kids! You can get a Red Target Toilet Sticker for just £1.38 with free delivery from Gearbest and get those little ones practising not splashing all over the bathroom!

This is a PVC sticker with a red target and HIT THE TARGET message to encourage weeing in the right place in the loo.

For younger boys learning to have a wee standing up this should give them a little help, and maybe it will help adults too!

This is coming from overseas so delivery may take a little while, so if you are planning on toilet training soon it's a good idea to get one ordered in advance.

I'm getting one ordered now, as although mine are all toilet trained I think some could definitely do with some practice at aiming into the loo!


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  • Pamela H.

    Need that for my older boys too!!

    • Kel M.

      Got one for my 4 year old he thinks it funny :joy:. But it does help lol

      • Jessica M.

        I am buying one of these!

        • Dan P.

          Is that for jack or the boys :joy::joy:

          • Jessica M.

            Jack :joy:

            • Dan P.

              i thought as much

            • Leah F.

              I've got one . Now I just need a 'dont forget to flush' sign for my 3 stinky boys. :thinking:

              • Hannah O.

                Getting him to the toilets the first challenge lol!

                • Stephanie P.

                  yeah maybe he won't miss lmao

                  • Ashley A.

                    Henry is very good with his aim. He makes patterns in the water:see_no_evil:

                    • Helen B.

                      Ping pong balls work well too. Put one in the bottom of bowl and boys aim at that and it won't flush away :thumbsup: