Red Target Toilet Training Sticker £1.38 With Free Delivery @ Gearbest

Red Target Toilet Training Sticker £1.38

I wish I had seen this when I was toilet training my kids! You can get a Red Target Toilet Sticker for just £1.38 with free delivery from Gearbest and get those little ones practising not splashing all over the bathroom!

This is a PVC sticker with a red target and HIT THE TARGET message to encourage weeing in the right place in the loo.

For younger boys learning to have a wee standing up this should give them a little help, and maybe it will help adults too!

This is coming from overseas so delivery may take a little while, so if you are planning on toilet training soon it's a good idea to get one ordered in advance.

I'm getting one ordered now, as although mine are all toilet trained I think some could definitely do with some practice at aiming into the loo!


  • Sevim C.

    If only he could read :joy::joy::joy: x

  • Pamela H.

    Need that for my older boys too!!

  • Kel M.

    Got one for my 4 year old he thinks it funny :joy:. But it does help lol

  • Jessica M.

    I am buying one of these!

  • Annmarie W.

    I love this ha ha wonder if it would work ! X

  • Leah F.

    I've got one . Now I just need a 'dont forget to flush' sign for my 3 stinky boys. :thinking:

  • Hannah O.

    Getting him to the toilets the first challenge lol!

  • Dan K.

    They would still miss :thinking:

  • Claire S.

    I need one of those for all the men in this house!! Xx

  • Lucy T.

    Atm i wouldnt mind him missing aslong as hes using the loo lol xx

  • Vonnie B.

    I'm getting some Tuesday lmao xxx

  • Stephanie P.

    yeah maybe he won't miss lmao

  • Jane-Marie K.

    Yeah lol :joy:. U can also get wee ping pong balls that u leave floating in it too xx

  • Jane-Marie K.

    Not looking forward to the splash back tho :hushed:

  • Rachael H.

    I tried getting flames when I first started with him cos he's obsessed with putting fires out :joy: thankfully his aim is ok now lol xx

  • Ashley A.

    Henry is very good with his aim. He makes patterns in the water:see_no_evil:

  • Stephanie L.

    See, less mess if they have a target, I'm sure it will help the hubby to :joy:

  • Narrissa H.

    You don't know how much I need this in my house

  • Nikki S.

    He'd get it everywhere but the bloody target xx

  • Paula F.

    Haha I need that got the older boys too. I'll try anything lol x

  • Rebecca Y.

    Very much needed in our house!! :toilet::dart::rolling_eyes:xx

  • Lydia S.

    No more wee on my bathroom floor!

  • Louise B.

    I've ordered one of these lol!x

  • Gill R.

    I tear a corner of loo paper, put it down the toilet and ask him to sink it! Unfortunately, he told Grangra that he likes to see how high he can get his wee. Harry marks up the bathroom walls! Who taught him that trick?

  • Helen B.

    Ping pong balls work well too. Put one in the bottom of bowl and boys aim at that and it won't flush away :thumbsup:

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