Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses From £10 @ Speckyfoureyes

Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses From £10 @ Speckyfoureyes

In days gone by you went to the optician, got your eyes tested and then chose a pair of glasses from their range. These days many people are choosing to purchase prescription glasses and sunglasses online for two reasons. Firstly, the range is much larger and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the savings can be huge. With much lower overheads you can save as much as 80%.

Speckyfoureyes* is one of the market leaders and when you see the prices on offer, alongside the feedback from satisfied customers, it's not difficult to see why. You can choose a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses from as little as £10.

Rather than buying your designer frames in store, you can use one of these codes, order online and make some massive savings.

If you want to order prescription glasses or sunglasses online you obviously have to have your eyes tested and a have a copy of your prescription from your optician.You can find out a bit more about that here*.

I don't wear glasses but my nine year old daughter does and I'm guessing by the time she wants designer frames like these, ordering prescription glasses online will be commonplace. Right now people are perhaps a bit apprehensive but seeing the savings that can be made, I think it's certainly worth exploring. The feedback from customers on the site itself looks great and the ordering process looks relatively easy. I guess you're just cutting out the middle man and I'm prepared to investigate that to make these savings. You could even start by ordering one of the £10 pairs before you committing to a heftier purchase.

Have you ordered prescription glasses or sunglasses online before? I'd love to know how you found the process and whether or not you'd recommend it.


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  • Kristie B.

    some of these glasses look nice x