Pillowhead Chubby Cow Or Chubby Pig £6.19 @ Play

Pillowhead Chubby Cow Or Chubby Pig £6.19 @ Play

First there were Pillow Pets, now there are Pillowheads and this Pillowhead Chubby Cow is a MUST for any cow lover; or there's a Chubby Pig, if you prefer pigs - they're just too cute for words and they're up for grabs for £6.19.


I think I like the name 'chubby cow' as much as I like the look of it - it's just making me smile - and the chubby pig is having the same effect as well.

They don't do anything; they don't unfold like Pillowpets do, but they DO look super cuddly and just a whole lot of fun - and sometimes there's no further justification needed than that.

They're suitable for anyone aged three and older and conform to all relevant and required British safety standards.  I can't really tell you much more about them (what more is there to say?) but here are a couple of reviews from people who can:

Wow I love this so much, it is so cute and cuddly! My sister is a huge pig lover so can't wait to give her it for Christmas! It's so soft and cute you can't go wrong! :D

I love this item, very cute and value for money.

And another one for the Chubby Pig:

Very soft . Very huggable! Definitely a great gift for pig lovers.

So there you go - soft, awesome, cute, huggable and most definitely VERY chubby!

Thanks to nasteestu at HUKD


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