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How many times have you been out and about and been struck by the urge to play Twister?  How many times have you been visiting friends or relatives and the kids have been desperate to play the ultimate contortion game but couldn't because YOU didn't bring Twister with you?

Okay, probably not many BUT if you own this Mini Twister keyring you'll never find yourself caught short when Twister fun is demanded.

I'm undecided, is this Mini Twister utter genius or just completely pointless?  As it's only £1.29 it's not expensively pointless and could come to the rescue now and again if the kids get fractious when you're visiting Great Aunt Mable.

Inside the tiny box are all the coloured dots you need to play Twister and the lid is the spinner - left foot, GREEN! - and all you need to do is place the dots on the floor and then spin away and play.

The usual price for this Mini Twister keyring is £4.99 - Play are selling it for £1.29 and Amazon for £3.99 (you can also pick it up on eBay for just 99 pence <----- I'm not really supposed to tell you that, but you can).

Unless you're prepared to pay at least three times the cost of this Mini Twister keyring for delivery you won't have it in time for Christmas, but it would make for a great little birthday present or something for 'just because'.

Thanks to Irah at HUKD

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