Limited Edition Trunki Princess Ride-On Suitcase £22.49 @ Amazon

Fingers crossed that Amazon leave the discounted price of this limited edition Princess Trunki alone for a while - £22.49, rather than £39.99 - at least long enough for you to grab one, if you want one.

If you've got a little Prince then you can move along to another post - I'm not one for gender stereotyping, but I really don't think a purple Trunki, with, and I quote: "...a flash of fairy dust and a shimmer of starlight on the wheels."  

However, if you have a little Princess who must have her own luggage when she travels, then she's going to love her limited edition Princess Trunki with its glittering horns, sparkly carriage design on the sides, along with the foam magic wand and tiara it comes with.

Trunkis conform to most airline hand luggage size restrictions and can either be towed along by your child, towed along by you with them sitting on it when they've got a little tired, OR...scooted on - the scooting sounds the most fun to me, especially along wonderfully smooth airport terminal floors!

Of course, Trunkis aren't just for kids who fly - with lots of space for toys, games and clothes, they're useful for those who spend the occasional night or two away from home at friends or grandparent's houses too.

Thanks to dianneNE at HUKD 

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