John Adams Magic Gift Wrapper £5.98 @ Amazon

Amazon have taken 70% off the John Adams Magic Gift Wrapper, reducing it to £5.98. I'm not sure if that's an indication of the worth of the product or not!

This fab set with its workstation is designed to guide you through every step of the way for designing, creating and wrapping wonderful and unique pressies for your friends and family.

Follow the step by step instructions or use your imagination to make exciting gifts for every occasion.

"The first stage is to design your egg. Select the acetate shape, glue a half egg card shape to one side of the acetate shape. Use this as a template to cut out a photograph then glue your photo to the other side of the acetate sheet. Sprinkle angel hair, coloured tiny gems and small silver stars in the base of the egg, now you can position the acetate in the hole on top of the platform inside the egg.

If your own things fit inside the egg, put them in, now complete the first stage by putting the top onto the bottom of the egg. Second stage is to decorate the outside of the egg with small stickers and glitter before wrapping.

Stage three is to wrap your unique pressie, put the egg into the clip and nestle the top of the egg into the base of the plunder, place a sheet of wrap centrally into the wrapper, now push down the plunger in a steady movement to wrap the egg. Cut of a length of ribbon or silver string and tie  the wrapping as close to the base as possible. Finishing touches - choose a gift tag and decorate with stickers and jewels, don’t forget to write your message on the back.

One of the worst reviewers mentioned that it would be more 'worth it', if it was going cheap - which it is now!

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