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My all growd up cup

You can get the My All Grow’d Up Cup from Happy HollyDaisy with free packaging and postage worth £2.00

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  • Valid until: 1 August 2011
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I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this scenario: you’re hurtling along the motorway when your little one starts crying because she’s dropped her sippy cup somewhere under the far side of the passenger seat? Not a fun ten minutes to the next motorway service station!

Then of course there’s the ‘where’s your sippy cup’ moment that occurs day after day after day…

So, mum of two, Linzi Cracknell came up with an idea to solve the problem – she designed the ‘My All Grow’d Up Cup’.

The “My All Grow’d Up Cup” is a beaker in a holder that affixes to the car window, the fridge or even the patio doors, allowing children to take their own drink, return it to the holder and always know where to go back to when they need another sip.

Which is all fine and well, if you can get your child to return it to the holder, right? So what they’ve done is added an elephant trumpet when the beaker is put back in the holder – and for adults, a switch to turn the noise off, if needed!

My All Grow’d Up Cups retail for £12.99, but with this exclusive discount code,  you receive £2.00 off postage and packaging.


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