#Glitch Nearly FREE Fox's Biscuits When You Use Match & More Card @ Morrisons

fox's biscuits

Want lots of Fox's Biscuits for very little? Follow our simple instructions and see how.

  1. Go to Morrisons
  2. Grab a temporary Match & More Card
  3. Buy 21 packets of Fox's Creams - Nice (175g)
    Fox's Creams - Rich Tea (175g)
    Fox's Creams - Neapolitan Jam Sandwich (150g)
    Fox's Creams - Mint
    Fox's Jam 'n' Cream (150g)
    Fox's Crunch Creams - Golden (168g)
    Fox's Creams - Malted Milk (175g)
    Fox's Ginger Crinkles (200g)
    Fox's Butter Crinkles (200g)
  4. DO NOT buy anymore than ten of one pack or it won't work!
  5. The offer won't work if you buy these...Fox's Crunch Creams – Ginger (168g)
    Fox's Coconut Crinkles (200g)
    Fox's Crunch Creams - Double Choc (168g)
  6. The total will be £20.69
  7. Register your card at home (online). After a few hours your Match & More account will show £20 worth of vouchers to redeem.
  8. Go into Morrisons and buy something cheap like a loose tomato.
  9. When paying for this at the checkout, hand the cashier your M&M card and receive four £5 vouchers to spend, the till spits these out.
  10. You can repeat the process again and again but each Match & More Card you use will only let you do the offer five times, so get a new one after the fifth. OR use your vouchers against your grocery shopping!
  11. Do not buy anything else, just the biscuits or it might not work.

Morrisons Match & More Card will match the Asda price of 49p and give you 500 points for each packet bought. This means you get the 50p in points and the 49p match price of Asda which makes them nearly free. And we like nearly FREE, don't we?

Thanks to Henlans @ HUKD

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  • Scotty123456
    Think you got your maths wrong, that would only give you vouchers for £10 + 500 points ready for your next one. Does show how worth while it is to get a match and more card and do your shopping at Morrisons though. What would you do with all those biscuits lol.

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