FREE Six Month Trial Of Prime Student (FREE One-Day Delivery!) @ Amazon

FREE Six Month Trial Of Prime Student

WOWZERS! If you are a Student then today is your lucky day! Amazon are offering a FREE 6 month trial of Prime Student, followed by another great deal of 50% off regular Prime (£39 for 12 months).

Let me just highlight how good this is - so sign up today and you can get all those Christmas Presents delivered for FREE, your University supplies delivered for FREE, those new trainers that you need tomorrow, delivered for FREE - for a whole SIX months!

That's not all - let's not forget thousands of Movies and TV Shows to binge out on with Prime Video (some series are exclusive to Amazon), Prime Music (which is AWESOME) and exclusive student money saving offers too!

Those offers include 10% off textbooks (no-one wants to pay full price for those!), an extra 10% off Echo Dot and Fire TV Sticks, up to 20% off Amazon Basics products, 10% off Xbox Live and much, much more.

After your six months of glorious FREEBIES on your trial, you can purchase a full year of Amazon Prime for just £39 a year - that's a steal!

There are certain conditions you must satisfy to join Prime Student: Have an account, Be 18 years or older, Be a Higher Education student located in the UK, have proof of enrolment upon request, and have a valid academic e-mail address that contains ''.


  • Alex P.

    I cam get all these good stuff but i dont know how to get a student card :worried::worried:

  • Kerry E.

    Not got a student email haha xx

  • Sonia W.

    It's what I did last yr x

  • Cheryl T.

    I'm going to do this!! :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

  • Bethan H.

    Already have it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: thank you though x

  • Laura A.

    Haha just in time for Christmas!

  • Danny H.

    Did mine last year, but cheers :wink:

  • Katie B.

    It's not letting me do it, might be because I've done it before :disappointed: Might have to make a new account lol x

  • Jo M.

    Il do this ready for xmas

  • Adele W.

    Ohhj Im on it ! Thanks X

  • Anthony B.

    What if you already have a membership? X

  • Debi H.

    I know you will but make sure you check the T&c - don't get stuck in a contract you don't want :kissing_heart:

  • Ewan K.

    Cool i'll have a look thankyou x

  • Liam S.

    I done it first year, they try catch you out with auto renew of £40 after the 6 months

  • Nic B.

    You're good at spotting deals! I have taken this like a bull in a China shop and got myself 12 months free with HSBC:grin:

  • Kathryn A.

    Already making use of this!

  • Charlotte T.

    Already got it! :grinning: Not sure how long I have left... Xx

  • Lara P.

    That's amazing. Thank you!!! :cupid:

  • Leia B.

    Gotta love free stuff! Thanks Xx

  • Solsa C.

    I tried just now, this one wants a valid email address, so it's only for uk students. I already used a 6 month trial over here, I guess they won't let me double up! Thanks though!

  • Harry B.

    Already used it last year

  • Shelley G.

    Thank you so much lovely xxx

  • Rachel D.

    It's half price after the trial

  • Louise A.

    It might do, I'll look in to it!

  • Kerrie C.

    I think you can go to you account settings and change it to not renew beforehand

  • Luke E.

    This will be so useful :thinking:

  • Katie S.

    Could be good for Christmas lol?!

  • Bethany P.

    I signed up last year! I love Amazon.

  • Mary S.

    Def as long as you remember to cancel!

  • John A.

    If only I had money to buy stuff

  • John A.

    Aww didn't see the Amazon prime part, I'm getting that!

  • Ciaran B.

    Cheers, I'll get on that now!

  • Margaret S.

    I must check. Would be good!

  • Eamonn H.

    Pity they have no money to buy stuff:wink:

  • Adam R.

    Already had my free trial :cry:

  • Rachel P.

    Wheeey! Excellent :smiley::smiley:

  • Leah R.

    Yessss! The upside to being a student :speak_no_evil: xx

  • Rebecca M.

    Awesome. Will have to wait till Monday to get my uni email to sign up :grinning:

  • Rebecca H.

    Yes we have the deal. Had 6 month trial last year and we pay half price for next 3 years also xx

  • Alison F.

    But if she gets it it's only £39 and you could all use it

  • Helen H.

    She can get it when ours runs out then!

  • Sarah K.

    Thank you!!good spot!:kissing_heart: xx

  • Janine J.

    Cool. Jealous of the perks

  • Emma M.

    I have this already :blush: runs out next month xxx

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