FREE £5 Worth Of Fruit, Vegetables Or Salad With Today’s Sun Newspaper (Costs 40p)


Buy The Sun newspaper today for 40p and you can grab a voucher to claim £5 worth of free fruit, vegetables or salad from Morrisons.

Looks like Scotland is excluded this time around unfortunately (the voucher in the Scottish Sun is £5 off £10 spend on meat and fish for anyone interested) but is available in the rest of the U.K.

Simply buy a copy of The Sun, cut out your voucher and head to Morrisons to claim your £5 worth of free fruit, veg or salad. The voucher is valid until Sunday the 6th of July, so even buy more than one copy of the paper if you think your family could benefit from this.

Various terms and conditions but basically you won't be given any change if you spend less than the £5, it has to be on fresh not frozen produce and you need to spend it on fruit, veg or salad. As you'd expect really.

Thanks to Psychic and Newbold @ HUKD!

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