Everything's Rosie - Let's Dance Soft Toy £3.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this Everything's Rosie - Let's Dance soft toy for less than half price, £3.99 instead of £9.99.

I'm not a dolly person, but soft toys?  Well, they're a whole different kettle of soft and lovely cuddliness!

With an almost 17-year-old teenage daughter, I'm rather out of touch with all things 'little girl' - so I did a bit of googling to find out what she's all about.

So I discovered that Rosie is a ragdoll who lives in a tree house and goes on all sorts of adventures with her friends and they all learn about friendship along the way - how lovely, I'm sure if Elise was the target age then everything's Rosie is something she would have liked.

This Everything's Rosie - Let's Dance doesn't do actually do any dancing, she's just wearing a little dance outfit.  As a result, I like her even more - she doesn't require any batteries, she won't make your ears bleed with incessant singing of songs or playing of silly tunes.

She just 'IS' and she's available for both free in-store collection and £4.95 home delivery (I'd skip the home delivery if I were you).

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD

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