Bright Bear Fleece Blanket £5 @ Tesco

Ooooh, I do like a good fleece blanket to wrap babies up in - there's nothing quite like seeing them all warm and snuggled up when it's cold outside.

So the original price for this Bright Bear fleece blanket was £12, its current price is £5.  It's white, with a stripy coloured edging to it, and features an embroidered 'Bright Bear' motif - it's perfect to buy as a gift for someone who doesn't know whether they're expecting a boy or a girl.

Size wise, this Bright Bear fleece blanket is suitable for cots, cot beds and putting over babies in car seats etc; it's machine washable and there are various other Bright Bear baby and nursery bedding bits and bobs it can coordinate with.

You can, if you have money to burn, or no inclination to go and collect your Bright Bear fleece blanket in-store for free, arrange to have Tesco deliver it to you - but it will cost you an additional £3 and could take a while, depending on the snow levels in your area.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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