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25 April 2010


I adore canvas prints and will soon be writing up a review of the incredibly good quality ones I got from Jessops. But before I do, let me tell you about this superb deal from Wallcreate. Here you can nab yourself a canvas print for as little as £9.97 excluding delivery.

Making your own canvas print is as easy as 123 (well, according to the site it is anyway). You upload your photo, then you customise your canvas and then place your order. Be sure to use photographs that are very high resolution and to double-check the crop before you finalise your purchase though.

Canvas prints can look quite pixellated so a high-res image will deliver a far better product. The Wallcreate range are made with cotton canvas with UV pigment ink technology (whatever that means!) and have a fade resistant coating. You can even choose the depth of your frame, post or email your image if you have upload problems and choose a wide range of colour treatments, such as Andy Warhol.

Have fun! These are a total bargain and a great way to immortalise precious memories.

Thanks to MaatttUK at HUKD!


  • Shane
    Still massively over priced. I got an A1 canvas (36" x 24") for £20 delivered, for one slightly smaller, even with the discount it would cost you £50!
  • Shane
    Forgot to say that was from ebay.
  • jamei
    http://shop.ebay.co.uk/thetimemanltd/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25 much better and can voucher for GREAT service
  • Nellie
    You had a personal photo printed onto canvas via Ebay? What seller?
  • Laurz
    @Nellie - I've never used one but there are hundreds of sellers that will sell custom prints on ebay. Also I agree that these are really over priced even with 50% off. Not necessarily the custom prints as I dont know the prices of them but the standard prints are around twice the price of other sites.
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  • Rob
    I've noticed this wall create company has a 50% sale on all the time. Makes you wonder. Tried to order for christmas but could not deliver in time. Customer service on the phone was pretty bad.
  • Paulies
    I just ordered from them and the service was great so not sure what you guys are talking about really, but i noticed that your comments were from 2010 and earlier. My canvases look superb on my living room wall and the price was very competitive.

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