20% Off Brand New Spring Range @GLTC When You Spend £75

20% Off Brand New Spring Range @GLTC When You Spend £75


The new Spring range from the Great Little Trading Company is now available exclusively online. And if you spend over £75 and enter the code SPR20B at checkout you'll qualify for 20% off your purchases.

£75 sounds like a lot to spend in one shopping spree but GLTC do a quite brilliant range of furniture and storage solutions that are perfect for children, so if you're in the market for a new toddler bed or just somewhere to hide the explosion of toys and related debris that seem to accompany small children, this 20% offer could be a good deal.

houseThis Doll's House Bookcase is usually £102 but with the spring discount you can save over £20 and pick it up for £81.60. It doubles as a doll's house and I think it might also be a cunning way to lure little ones into helping to tidy up. It's not the cheapeast bookcase to found, but the pieces available at GLTC tend to be pretty distinct so if you're looking for something a bit special for a birthday present or a new arrival's bedroom then this might just be the place, and the discount will be a welcome way to lighten the load on your wallet. I think even the boys at Bitter Wallet would approve of that, even if they weren't all that enamoured with the doll's house theme. On that note, there are lots of macho bits for boys available too, if pink and dollies aren't going to cut it with your crew.


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  • Steph
    I've had awful problems with GLTC customer service(or lack of). My last order placed in October was missing hardware which I still haven't received and I finally got a refund for an item of furniture which I'd returned (again order placed in October). They insisted I'd never paid for it in the first place. My bank had to sort it out for me and GLTC made me feel as if I was trying to thieve from them. Check your bank statement carefully if you buy from them, even after a few months have passes just in case. Personally, I'd avoid them altogether!
    • Heidi S.
      Ooh thanks for the info, Steph. I've never had the experience with GLTC but it's helpful to know about.