Oral-B Pro-Expert Review

13 October 2011

I’ve been on a mission lately to find a toothpaste that works for the whole family, as we otherwise have three to five different brands in use at any one time, ranging from one that whitens, to one that fights cavities, one for sensitive teeth, one with low fluoride and one with no fluoride but added xylitol.

Where Oral-B Pro-Expert doesn’t fit the bill for us is that it isn’t for children – it has adult amounts of fluoride in, which their experts do not recommend for children under 12 years of age – especially those who still swallow more than they spit out.

Where Oral-B Pro-Expert does come through though is that it is, according to Oral-B, anyway, the only all-in-one toothpaste on the market. It fights cavities, protects gums, destroys plaque, is for sensitive teeth, protects enamel, fights tartar, whitens and improves smelly breath.

Something this toothpaste has that I’ve not had in toothpaste before is granules. I’m not sure how to explain it, really.  It’s kind of like exfoliating your teeth, and it does leave them feeling rather exfoliated too.

Does it work? Well, I can’t say, exactly, as my teeth are pretty much the same as always, I use it every three days or so and use other brands with xylitol and without fluoride on the days between. I can tell you my teeth are whiter, but I also started using an electric toothbrush at the same time, so it could be that, and I’ll have to wait for my next dentist visit to find out if my gums, cavities and enamel are any better or worse for it. I can tell you that after brushing my teeth feel clean and less sensitive and my mouth feels fresh although the grittiness takes some getting used to.  Also, if you’re after that minty fresh feeling, this isn’t it. It’s just clean fresh.

Am I on the fence? Yes. I like the taste, I like the smell, I kind of like the odd exfoliated feeling, and in the absence of my own laboratories, I have to trust that it does what it says.


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