Gaia Natural Baby Mini Traveller Review

23 April 2011


Gaia Natural Baby is an Australian toiletries product for women, men and children. The Mini Traveller set is intended for babies, although it's equally useful for pregnant women.

As the name suggests, Gaia Natural Baby uses no harsh chemicals, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, artificial fragrance, soap, sulphates, lanolin, petrochemicals, paraben preservatives, mineral oils, propylene glycol, along with other ingredients that can cause dryness and skin irritation, making it very eczema friendly.

The Mini Traveller set consists of three 50ml travel bottles containing bath and body wash, shampoo and moisturiser, and a skin soothing sachet. These are pretty much identically sized to your standard hotel room toiletries, with the difference being that they aren't as abrasive as the stuff you'll find in your standard hotel room.

The Bath and Body Wash has a fantastically fresh sweet orange, evening primrose oil and lavender aroma, and the shampoo is similar without the lavender. The Bath and Body Wash is meant to induce calm before bed time, while the shampoo will help reduce cradle cap (compliments of the evening primrose oil.)

The Gaia Natural Baby Shampoo also doesn't contain SLS, which makes it low foaming, which I think is great for babies and children as it doesn't then run into their eyes – although this apparently doesn't burn anyway. (I've not purposefully tested that, I'm afraid.)

The Baby Moisturiser is also quite lavender-ish, and has wheat germ oil in to improve skin elasticity, making it great for pregnancy too. Additionally, it absorbs really easily and doesn't leave an oily residue, which I appreciate when dealing with a squirmy child.

While these products are fantastic I was worried that it was a bit expensive, costing £7 - £10 for what is essentially enough for a night or two, but having used it for a week and having more than half left, I'm pretty impressed. Even so, I would actually purchase this and the larger bottles, and refill after each trip – especially since they come in the right sized bottles in a perfectly sized zipped pouch.

You can't really buy directly from Gaia either, which is unfortunate, but there's a long list of online and in store retailers in the UK where their products can be found.

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