The Next 90's Trend To Rear It's Head... Adidas Poppers

The Next 90's Trend To Rear It's Head... Adidas Poppers

If we are brutally honest, the 90's wasn't a particular stylish decade, compare it to the chic 60's or the sexy 70's and you realise I'm right. Okay, so we liked the Velvet Chokers, Coffee Shimmer Lipstick, but if there's one trend I am surprised to see again it's...


What the actual #$£%!? I wish I was kidding, but I am not. Here's the proof, Footasylum sell them, LOOK*!

Okay, so I owned a pair of these monstrosities but for the love of God, I don't want to see my kids dressed in them.

Name one good thing about Adidas Poppers? Okay, so they were slightly more credible than the Kappa ones, but all-in-all they were Jogging Bottoms with popper studs down the side. Why does one need their Joggers to flap open from the ankle up to the freakin' waistband.

Let's think, what other hideous trend will be next to haunt us? My bets are on Curtains (hairstyle).


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  • Sadie N.

    Jesus Christ , they were wrong the first time round lol

    • Melissa Y.

      :joy::joy:what are thoseee:smile::mask:

      • Leatrice W.

        Oh my goodness I know we ruled these I found some on eBay exactly the same as mine. They are making stupid money now :slight_smile: xxx

        • Haze W.

          Haha I don't think I would wear these again maybe if they had the style in leggings !

          • Jennifer H.

            Hahaa! I couldn’t wear them again

            • Yvonne M.

              Ideal when you have your leg in plaster

              • Marlene W.

                No..... i remember the craze of popping ur friends buttons..i wonder how much time was wasted fixing the studs