Kids Augmented Reality Tees @ Marks & Spencer

Kids Augmented Reality Tees @ Marks & Spencer

Now these are something really special! Marks and Spencer have come up with a really innovative idea of these Augmented Reality Tees for kids. Not the most exciting name in the world, but what they do is very impressive indeed. Basically, use your tablet or phone and the free app, point the camera at your kids t-shirts and the animals come to life!

The girls t-shirts feature a Giraffe and Zebra design, a Turtle, or a wonderful Unicorn one that I think will sell out the fastest. They come in ages from 5 to 14 years and cost between £8 and £10 depending on the size.

The boys t-shirts do a range for younger children from 1 to 7 years priced from £7, as well as the older children's range from 5 to 14 years, so there's more designs and animals to choose from for boys. The monkeys, dinosaurs and bees are likely to be very popular on those ones.

I showed my son the video of the t-shirts in action to get his reaction, and it's fair to say he was extremely impressed, and for this price I think it's a really cool bit of kit for kids. I think they might both be getting one for their birthdays.


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