H&M Online Promotional Codes: £10 Off Plus £5 Or 25%

H&M Online Promotional Codes: £10 Off Plus £5 Or 25%

HandM H&M online promotional codesUse this H&M online promotional code and get £10 off your order. Even better. Also use one of the two codes HERE to get another £5 or 25% off as well. How cool is that? I tried to use all three codes but the site told me that I had a limit of two codes per order.

Click here to use your H&M online promotional code

  • Discount: £10
  • Minimum spend: £6
  • Promotional code: 9217
  • Expires: unknown

To use the codes, you will need to go to the Shopping Bag page, and on to Checkout, or just click straight on the Checkout link. Then you’ll need to log in, or register if this is the first time you’ve used the site. Finally, on the Checkout Info page, enter the codes one at a time in the Discount Codes box.

One thing that annoys me about the site at the moment is that if you make a mistake, or enter a code incorrectly, it doesn't tell you. All that happens is you get a message saying that there's a £6 minimum and you're sent back to the Shopping Bag page. This happened to me because I entered three codes - there is a two code limit apparantly.

I had to actually clear my shopping bag and start again. Even though I could see that I clearly had more than £6 in there it wouldn't let me through. Hopefully they'll get this glitch sorted soon!

Thanks to mamboboy at HUKD!


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  • sara
    this worked a treat for me, got the kids some stuff for holiday :-) Thankyou
    • Lynley O.
      A great deal like this doesn't come along too often. Really handy for this time of the year. I'm doing the same thing, stocking up on summer stuff for our holidays.