Dorothy Perkins: 4 For 3 On Holiday Shop Items

24 July 2010

dpBanner Dorothy Perkins have a four for three offer on all their holiday shop items. But don't hang around - it ENDS TOMORROW!

You've booked your holiday for late summer and you KNOW that before you go the summer sales will be on.

Are you one of the brave who play the waiting game? Bid your time and buy all  your holiday clothes in the sales and you could save yourself lots of cash.  BUT hold out for too long and you run the risk of the right styles and sizes for you going out of stock before you get to snag them.

I've got a bit of a thing for shorts at the moment - even though it's not going to be shorts weather where I'm going - and there are lots of them still up for grabs in the Dorothy Perkins Holiday Shop.

I have a bit of an on-off relationship with Dorothy Perkins (and with Next actually), some seasons they seem to have lots of GREAT things and I feel spoiled for choice, and other seasons absolutely nothing takes my fancy at all.

It's a bit like that this season for me, but there are TONS of items in their Holiday Shop so maybe there'll be something there for you and you'll be able to  save some money on your summer wardrobe.

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