Clearance Sale @ Adams

Clearance Sale @ Adams

AdamsHead over to Adams for the site's clearance sale. Lots of items are going at half price, and more. And the sale hasn't been going long so lots of items in many sizes are available.

In my experience, Adams has pretty good quality clothes, and a good range for boys as well as girls. I used to buy a lot from the high street store when my step son was little. And what I liked about them was that not everything for girls was pink. My step daughter was never quite into that colour when really little. She suited bolder colours more.

However, I always waited for the sales where I could, and I always bought in the sales, as the prices weren't that cheap. Still, you have to pay for quality I've found, especially when it comes to hard wearing boys clothes.

In this sale though, most of the clothes are for girls. Some of the bargains that are available right now are a Grey Diamente zip through sweat jacket for £3.99, down from £7.99. And a Reverse Knit Hooded stripe jerkin down from £11.99 to £5.99.

Delivery is £2.95 or free if you spend more than £35.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!


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