Buy One Shirt Get TWO Free @ Hawes and Curtis

Buy One Shirt Get TWO Free @ Hawes and Curtis


Hawes and Curtis have a mid season sale on - buy one shirt and get two free, this is VERY exciting!

Hawes and Curtis shirts are for shirt officiandos, they are most definitely not your Florence & Fred jobbies for under a tenner (no offence to Florence & Fred).

In fact, one ladies shirt usually costs £59 and if you're after a gents shirt the you'd normally be kissing goodbye to £69. But NOW, on selected shirts, you can have THREE for £59 (for ladies) or £69 (for gents).

I'm a classic, white, double-cuff shirt unbuttoned low (but not tooo low) kind of girl, teamed up with a pair of jeans and knee-length boots, so imagine my delight when I discovered that lots of their plain white shirts were included in the sale!

The good news is, you don't have to trawl the site looking for the sort of shirt you want. It's very quick and easy to narrow down your style and colour choices, the hardest thing might be deciding on only three shirts (although no one says you can't buy more!).

Delivery is super fast and costs £4.95 for up to five shirts.

Happy shirt hunting!


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  • MArk M.
    "Playpennies - for pennywise parents" Hhm, £20 a shirt doesn't seem pennywise to me
    • Sarah
      Sometimes, Mark, even money conscious parents would like to buy something a little special; something that's not run of the mill. You can easily pay £20 for a shirt in Next, and they are not a patch on Hawes and Curtis. So pennywise for something special..? I think so.
      • Lynley O.
        I'm totally with Sarah. Being a pennywise parent doesn't mean you're only ever going to buy the cheapest of the cheap. It means that when you do buy something, you get it because you really need it, and you get it at the best possible price you can. False economies can result in spending far more in the long term. I spend a lot of money on a couple of items that my wardrobe will be mostly based around, so they are good quality, look great, and last a long time. I wore a dress to a wedding last week that I have had for 10 years. I spent a fortune on it, but it is a classic design that only needs to be updated with the occaisional accessory. This time it was that latest fashion accessory, a shrug that (thanks to PlayPennies voucher codes) I got for a fiver.