At Least 50% Off Summer Sale @ Next

Summer Sale @ Next

It's finally here! The BIG Next Summer Sale is now online and ALL sale items are half price or less!

If you didn't manage to bag a VIP Sale Slot (and those seemed to be very restricted this time) then the sale opened for everyone at 8am this morning, and it's a whopper!

We were told that this was one of the biggest sales for years, and it doesn't disappoint! Kids clothes start from just £1 but you need to be quick as stock is flying out, and those VIP slots made a dent in the stock levels, but there's still masses to choose from.

I didn't make it to a store for the 5am frenzy, so it's a nice cuppa on the sofa while I browse at home. Did you do the early morning visit to stores or are you shopping at home? Hope you bag some bargains!

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  • Abi D.

    Will be having a 5am start xxx

    • jml35

      I can't get there for 5 am but could make it for between 6am and 6.30 it still worthwhile going ? or am i wasting my time ? Was hoping to get my little boy kitted out for our holiday in September.

  • Heidi M.

    Won't be going to the Great Yarmouth store , most of the women are so rude pushing & shoving everyone just to get to an item of clothing they are possessed it's ridiculous !

  • Kayleigh G.

    There at 2am

  • Clare P.

    For the first time I managed to get the first vip slot and got everything on my list so no need to get up at stupid o'clock for a change worked out great as I'm expecting my baby in 4 weeks don't think I could hack the fight in store :joy:

  • Amiee C.

    My Millie alarm clock is set :joy::joy:

  • Yvonne M.

    Could be home again for 745 lol

  • Emma-louise B.

    I won't be there did all mine online on Wednesday!!

  • Carly B.

    I work in the city in London, started today :)

  • Claire W.

    I forgot I wanted to go to this

  • Sarah H.

    No thanks rather have a lie in!!

  • Tara P.

    always bad timing :angry:

  • Michelle R.

    :flushed: can't wait :smirk: x

  • Sandra H.

    Love the next sale Been quite a few times

  • Sarah C.

    Haha!! See you at 5am! :kissing_heart:

  • Rebecca S.

    I wish I could be bothered to get up that early :grinning: I LOVE NEXT!!! xx

  • Amy S.

    Can you see me in that queue?? I'm like 5 people behind the black sign!! Long night ahead!!

  • Stacey D.

    I got a good bit of what I wanted on Wednesdays slot but I'm still going tomorrow :joy:

  • Charlene F.

    Will u b their for 5 lol I dnt think I cud

  • Helen L.

    Yep!! Just got home! Xx

  • Jenny W.

    I was indeed I was first in the queue at Crawley!! Haha x

  • Claire R.

    Add to basket and automatically says sold out! And folk boasting about VIP slots do my head in :triumph:

    • Anneka B.

      Vip slots are shit it's just the crap they have left in the warehouse

    • Natalie R.

      I disagree the summer and winter sales done VIP and generally always really good, mid season not so good

    • Katrina M.

      You have to have store credit on your account to get VIP

  • Michelle B.

    Yep I was at at mine at 3.30am up at 2.15. :see_no_evil: 45th in the queue though :smiley:

  • Natalie S.

    8th in queue at 3.15am

  • June M.

    At home chilling. Did my next sale shop from the comfort of my sofa Wednesday evening with my VIP slot. X

    • Chanah H.

      me too :)

    • Natalie R.

      Me too

  • Laura P.

    Got to our next at 4:45 and queue wasn't too bad at all. Very disappointed this time, really not great for boys at our nearest store, Southport.

    • Megan D.

      I'm lucky I've got two girls, the room was almost entirely girls, there was only a few rails for boys in Bath

  • Nikki L.

    There's not much left online :sob:

  • Beck R.

    How do you get VIP slots? :relaxed:

    • Natalie H.

      You have yo have an online account and use it regularly.

    • Beck R.

      Thank you. So if I do that do they then just let you know or do you have to apply? Xx

    • Natalie R.

      Next have a criteria for vip I think you have to have x amount left to spend on your credit account and have not returned a certain percentage of anything brought

    • Beck R.

      Arhh I see I use them so much I need to look into it! :grin: X

    • Tara F.

      You have to regularly have the books, order something every so often things like that. I always get one but if I want something I see in store I sometimes order online to collect just so I've used my account

  • Natalie R.

    Did mine through VIP Wednesday :) x

  • Siobhan G.

    Been . Was there for 4 lol xx

  • Natalie H.

    Did my little boys online in my slot on weds and popped over to get some bits for me this morning when i got up. Most of which is going back though!

  • Lynsey F.

    Was there at 430 this morning x

  • Erin T.

    Crikey!! x

  • Rowena S.

    I think summer sale isn't great. I always wait till boxing day as so much better. Admittedly come off £500 worse off but 2 kids kitted for a year x

  • Amy J.

    I find next overpriced for average quality

  • Siobhan G.

    Got loads it was worth getting up at 3.30 for lol xx

  • Erin T.

    Aww good! I'm hoping there's some stuff left when I get in to town x

  • Charlene F.

    Good woman love a bargain x

  • Hayley B.

    I also agree next sale is rubbish! especially for kids.

  • Louise T.

    Got to mine at 7am was fab for boys lots of jeans ect one happy mummy

  • Sammie I.

    They could have 90% off and I still wouldn't be crazy enough to go at stupid hours of the morning lol

  • Colin W.

    Nothing but an undignified jumble sale with clothes all over the floor and people pushing you around. I'd rather stay in bed.

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