The Stabilo Stocking Filler Review

As Christmas fast approaches and we all start frantically looking for the perfect things to stuff into stockings, PlayPennies has gone out to find some of the coolest bits and pieces to help you along. Stabilo have a couple of offerings that are ideal for Christmas gifts in the stocking and here is how well they work…

The Stabilo EASYOriginal pen is this really funky, ergonomically designed roller ball that takes refill cartridges and, get this, actually ERASES. The pens are for kids over the age of six, come in both left and right-hand flavours, and a huge range of colours. The Stabilo EASYOriginal encourages a relaxed hold to prevent muscle fatigue and is supposed to help with neat and tidy handwriting.

The packaging is tough to get into and one of your three refills needs to be inserted into your pen to get started, a bit misleading. However, you do get a name tag! Three, in fact, in case you mess the first one up. You then pop off the cap of the refill, slip it inside the easy-twist tube and start writing.

The ink pours gloriously from the nib of this pen. And it fits beautifully in my hand. I struggled to give this to my child, the actual tester, as I am a sucker for a good pen. Ink is patchy on the twist sometimes with the line running thinner, but overall it’s a smooth experience that I love. The ink does erase and my daughter now takes it to school and refuses to use anything else! It easily gets 8/10 with a point kicked off for the ink alternations and another for the price of £6.99. High, but worth it overall.

The Stabilo Mini Ghosts are the product that I absolutely, completely and totally recommend to go it any kid’s Christmas stocking. Not only do these mini highlighters – cool in themselves – highlight very well, but they glow in the dark. Oh yes indeedy. They sport hilarious faces and expressions that glow in the dark.

The five funny ghosts are limited edition only, are the usual Stabilo quality of fluorescent ink, and just rock. They are around £5.99 (price TBC) for all five and if my kid’s face is anything to go buy, yours will adore them too. And you can split the pack if you have lots of kids and they each get one Stabilo Mini Ghost in each Christmas stocking! They easily get 9/10.

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