Simple Skincare Gift Sets Review

I was a teenager when I first started using Simple skincare products. No, I am not telling you how long ago that was! Let's just say it was *cough* more than ten years ago.

The move to Simple was down to my skin. It is very dry and prone to rough patches. I found that most other products react with it, especially on the face, giving me dry patches instead of nicely moisturised skin.

There are other products you can use but when I was a teenager they all came in bottles or tubs that looked like medication, smelt awful, and felt awful. In other words, nothing that would appeal to any sane 18 year old, or 38 year old.

Simple was different. It came in inoffensive green and white packaging, didn't smell like something concocted in a cauldron, and worked just as well on my skin as all those fancy brands.

I've been using it ever since, and my mother-in-law buys me lovely gift sets each year. So I would say that I'm in a pretty good position to judge just how well Simple is doing with the gift sets it is putting out for this Christmas.

One more thing about Simple. It makes a great Christmas gift for when you're unsure what type of toiletry someone likes as it is designed for sensitive skin.

The two gift sets we got for review were the Simple Minis Collection (RRP £5.99) and Simply Simply Chic (RRP £7.50). Both are available in many stockists - go to the website to find out where. At Superdrug the same sets are sold as Simple Little Treats and Simple Perfectly Simple. They're exactly the same so I am unsure why they're under different names.

Simple Minis Collection

This gift set contains three mini 50ml versions of classic, best selling Simple products. There's the Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser, Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash, and Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner. Just the right size for travelling with, this would make a great Christmas gift for those who want something to throw in a weekend bag.

It comes in a pretty, patterned draw-string wash bag that's tied with a ribbon. The soft material on the bottom of the bag is fixed in place with a stiff seam that keeps the bag in shape, and upright too when the mini bottles are inside. There's room in there too for other stuff, like a mini tube of toothpaste and a travel toothbrush.

All three of these products have formed the basis of my skincare routine for most of the last couple of decades. I have used different moisturisers. The Simple light moisturiser is just that - a moisturiser that goes on thinly, is quickly absorbed by the skin, and lightly moisturises. It doesn't really reach deep down, for that you need a heavier skin cream. But it works to refresh during the day.

I'm not a huge fan of the facial wash, but that's true for all facial washes. I prefer to use a cleanser. But these do work well and don't leave the skin feeling dry.

The product I heartily recommend is the toner. This is amazingly refreshing, especially when you've taken your makeup off after a long night out. I love it.

Simple Simply Chic

How about a handy little bag to keep by the bed (or in your overnight case) for whipping off all the traces of the Christmas Party or News Years Eve revels? That's the premise behind Simple Simply Chic. This is a cute wee toilet bag containing Simple Kind to Skin cleansing facial wipes (25s) and Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser (125ml).

According to Simple, the wipes are the UK's number one facial skincare product, and I can believe that. They work better at cleaning off makeup in one stroke than other wipes I've tried, and they don't dry out my skin. I use lots of eyeliner and they work on that too. Always like using products that aren't too harsh around my eye area!

The moisturiser is the same as that found in the Simple Minis Collection (see above).

And then there's the bag. This is wipe clean - possibly vinyl? It feels pretty touch too and comes with a robust zip. I like the grass, flowers and butterfly design and the simple white background. It is about the same size as a makeup bag, but wider. Could be quite handy for all sorts of purposes. There's hard piping around both sides to give it that little bit more robustness.

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