OMG! Gin & Tonic Or Raspberry AND Prosecco Jelly Shots @ Morrisons

OMG! Gin & Tonic Or Raspberry AND Prosecco Jelly Shots @ Morrisons

OMG! OMG! OMG! I am a little bit excited! Why? Take a deep breath. Morrisons are bringing out Gin & Tonic Jelly Shots. Now do you see why I need scraped off the ceiling. That's not all - they are bringing out Raspberry and Prosecco ones too!

When do they come out?

The Gin & Tonic and the Raspberry & Prosecco Jelly Shots are available to buy from the 20th December. Just in time for us to enjoy at Christmas time.

These will sell out, so you want to get in there as soon as you can. Mark it in your diary!

You get six jelly shots in each pack and they cost £3.50.

The question on everyone's lips is are they actually alcoholic? I am doubting so as Morrisons haven't said so on their site, but if they are then that'll be a pleasant surprise.

Psst... you can find them from the 20th in the Dessert Section or here*.

If you shop online with Morrisons, why not check out our Vouchers Section* where you'll find promo codes for FREE Delivery or £5 off an £80 spend (new customers).

Thanks to HantsShopper

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Reply to
  • Hayley H.

    how good would these be on NYE :champagne:

    • Emma J.

      Lush xxx

      • Emma M.

        Ooooh yeah I mite have a go at making these!! X

        • Hayley H.

          that's a good idea, I ll keep eye out for some plastic shot glasses :champagne:

          • Emma M.

            home bargains! I usually do vodka jellies for work... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: prosecco & raspberry sound lush! Xx

            • Hayley H.

              Ill get some! And for work?? Can I come to your work please??xx

              • Emma M.

                Not all of the time, only on special occasions! But u know this leads to throwing up on ur own doorstep!! :laughing:

                • Hayley H.

                  no throwing up on my door step at New Year please :joy: xx

                  • Emma M.

                    oh no I save that for my own!! :see_no_evil::joy::joy:Xx

                  • Rachel K.

                    Prosecco and raspberry sound amaze :heart_eyes:

                    • Cleo H.

                      Ooohh I need these! I'm going to be on the hunt.xXx

                      • Jessica C.

                        I'll see if I can order some xx

                        • Julie P.

                          Ooh they sound like a good idea xxx

                          • Holly C.

                            Yes I've got my eye on these!

                            • Kobie W.

                              Oooh lets make them one night over Xmas! Z

                              • John K.

                                Don't like gin or prosseco xx

                                • Kim M.

                                  Haha I'll have to try them all now!x

                                  • Joanne M.

                                    Interesting.. not one to turn my nose up at a wee tipple lol xx

                                    • Wendy W.

                                      Your gonna have us all alcoholics :joy::joy:

                                      • Kirsty T.

                                        Tonight's dinner sorted :joy:

                                        • Dominique B.

                                          Sweet!!! When's this happening? X

                                          • Alison A.

                                            Ooh like the sound of the prosecco and raspberry jelly shots.x

                                            • Jen H.

                                              Just realised you can buy them... Thought it was a recipe... Even better :grin:

                                              • Wendy H.

                                                I will just have extra prosecco in mine don't like raspberries xxxx

                                                • Debbie M.

                                                  Liking the sound o the prosecco yins luv:raising_hand::heart_eyes:

                                                  • Kelly M.

                                                    Yes we need to do these xxx

                                                    • Debbie M.

                                                      Must try these one night :thumbsup::kissing_heart:

                                                      • Charlotte K.

                                                        I had them last year girlies not great xx