NEW Personalised Star Wars Gifts Exclusive To Tesco

NEW Personalised Star Wars Gifts & Tesco

There's a new range of Personalised Star Wars Gifts out and as well as being the coolest gifts ever they are also amazing value for money. They are exclusive to Tesco Direct of all places, so that means that they are even included in the Clubcard Boost as well! There are more than 100 of these gifts that can have a name added to make them and I can see about a dozen straight away that I need to buy now!

The best sellers are the brilliant Personalised Posters, with choices from the original artwork, the 90's versions, and the new The Force Awakens art work as well, all at £10 each complete with a "May the force be with you Megan/Daniel/Whoever" message on it.

The character quote mugs* will be winging their way to my house very soon with a "This is not the mug you are looking for Lisa" on mine!

There are colouring sheets, drinks bottles, note books, diaries, wallets, Christmas tree decorations and so much more, with prices from as little as £5 which is very good for a personalised gift.

I've saved the best for last. There's a Darth Vader Christmas Present Sack* with the message "Oliver/Anna/Whoever I know what you're getting this year. I can feel your presents". For The Force Awakens fans there's also a similar design featuring Kylo Ren*. Both are also £5 off, making them £13 each. Best be quick to get one for Christmas.

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