Mermaid Tears Vodka £39.99 @ Firebox

Mermaid Tears Vodka £39.99 @ Firebox

Now this is the ultimate Christmas gift... vodka made from mermaid tears! Yes Mermaid Tears Vodka is a thing... Now I have definitely seen it all!

You can now buy a bottle of Mermaid Tears Vodka from Firebox. Priced at £39.99, it isn't the cheapest of spirits but hey, it's Christmas right!

This sparkly spirit is made from premium French Grain Vodka and blended with the glistening tears of Mermaids (allegedly!).

Give the chunky bottle a swirl and, just like a Mermaid's tail whipping up the sea floor, a glittery haze will begin to disperse throughout this dreamy, ocean-blue vodka.

You can drink this as a cocktail with your favourite mixer or just enjoy it on the rocks.

If vodka is your spirit of choice then why not take a look at this Marshmallow Vodka* for £24.99 also at Firebox. It looks delicious!


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  • Sophie J.

    I need this ... be better if it was gin!

    • Beth H.

      Probably tastes rank but we still need to try it

      • Tim P.

        We need get some in, for research purposes....

        • Emma F.

          Ooh I love the look of this :thumbsup_tone2:

          • Evie S.

            I’ve seen this! There’s unicorn ones too x

            • Stephanie R.

              My type of vodka!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

              • Kirstin M.

                I want that for Christmas lol. Bit of a rip Off tho x